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At PetVivo Cares, our passion for animal welfare drives everything we do. We are the dedicated non-profit arm of our parent company, PetVivo, which developed the groundbreaking technology known as Spryng™. This revolutionary treatment offers new hope to pets in need, with a single injection empowering them to bounce back and enjoy immediate joint protection while safeguarding against further injuries.

Our journey began with a profound commitment to enhancing animal wellness. Witnessing the transformative power of Spryng™, we recognized that financial barriers should never prevent our beloved companions from receiving the care they deserve.

That's why we established PetVivo Cares - to bridge the gap and provide access to Spryng™ for pets in need, ensuring that every furry friend has the chance to lead a happy, healthy life.


PetVivo Cares is dedicated to providing the best quality of life for your companion pets so that you can focus on the love part! With your support, we champion this noble cause, striving to create a world where every pet thrives and flourishes and where making a difference becomes a joyous shared experience.

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the PetVivo Cares story

Spryng Successes

A single injection of the naturally derived veterinary medical device Spryng™ provides both immediate joint protection and helps protect the joint from further injury, unlike other products that only treat symptoms (NSAIDs, corticosteroids, monoclonal antibodies, radiation, etc.).

  • Many animals injected with Spryng™ no longer needed NSAIDS for pain relief and were able to return to normal activity levels following a Spryng™ injection.

  • Offers moderation of joint pain without pharmacologic, chemical, or metabolic action.

  • An effective and economical solution — a single injection provides long duration joint protection.

invest in their future

A non-profit advancing the health & well-being of companion animals.

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the PetVivo Cares mission

Petvivo Cares is a nonprofit community-focused organization dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of companion animals with the Spryng™ Grant. We partner with the animal health community to provide reduced-cost or no-cost Spryng™ with Osteo-Cushion Technology™, a product developed by PetVivo, Inc. “PetVivo”.

Spryng™ is an effective tool to aid in the management of osteoarthritis, lameness, and rehabilitation of companion animals. 

support  PetVivo Cares today!

PetVivo Cares needs your support to extend the lives of animals suffering from osteoarthritis and lameness and ease their discomfort. We want to do even more with your support! Make your tax-deductible gift below, and 100% of your donation will advance the health and well-being of animals.

We will keep you up to date on the animals you are helping to serve.

You can make your tax-deductible gift below & we will keep you informed on the animals you are helping to serve!

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