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  • Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology is a type of biomaterial that is a naturally derived combination including two purified proteins; collagen and elastin, bound together in a proprietary process that is used to augment cartilage and synovial fluid. Spryng™ also works as a cartilage reinforcement to aid in the management of osteoarthritis and other joint issues. It can be used to buffer mechanical malfunction in joints to provide a soft, lubricating, and elastic cushion for the normalization of joint function. Spryng™ is classified as a veterinary medical device. It provides long-lasting relief from the degradation of joints associated with osteoarthritis

  • Grants are awarded on a needs basis. We want to hear your story and situation. Those who are experiencing financial hardships will receive the most consideration.

  • All kinds! Companion Animals like Dogs and Cats. Services Animals or athletes like Horses and Dogs. Even Zoo animals like rare White Tigers. Family pets! We want to help any animal suffering from osteoarthritis.

  • Please fill out the application page: Apply Now! 

    We will answer you in 48 hours.

  • Spryng™ is safe; it was developed for the human market for use as a cosmetic dermal filler. It has been through extensive testing and human trials. It is currently involved in a clinical trial at a major veterinary college. Key opinion leaders and other private practices are evaluating Spryng™ in cases of joint mechanical malfunction as the result of osteoarthritis.

  • Contact PetVivo at"> or call 844-PET-VIVO (1-844-738-8486) to order Spryng™ or arrange communication with our Technical Services Veterinarian.

  • Only a licensed veterinarian can administer Spryng™.

  • We are a registered 501c3 organization in good standing. See our Guidestar page. 

  • Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology is comprised of millions of micronized hydrogel matrices, which are derived from the natural components, including collagen and elastin. OsteoCushion™ Technology provides both reinforcing natural joint support to replace missing or damaged cartilage and delivers natural scaffolding to tissue defects. Each administration of Spryng™ provides a shock-absorbing matrix with natural fluid biomechanics that work together with synovial fluid to mimic joint cartilage in both form and function. Spryng™ absorbs and releases synovial fluid in response to joint force with elastic stiffness that complements natural synovial fluid and cartilage dynamics. Spryng™ components are sized to remain in the synovial space for long-term benefits after a single treatment. Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology provides prompt long-term joint reinforcement and protection from regular stress and strain endured by the animal. The components provide a natural scaffold, thus addressing the affliction of lost or damaged cartilage, not just masking the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

  • Spryng™ is truly innovative. No other products compare to the naturally derived, distinctive qualities of Spryng™.

  • Yes, the first reported case-study was use of Spryng™ on a white tiger in a zoo!

  • Response time will depend on the individual animal . . . its underlying issues and health history. In most cases, the animal will respond almost immediately to administration and return to their previous activities, although it may take 7 to 14 days to see the expected response.

  • Yes, if the opposite joint requires treatment, it can be done during the same procedure. A bilateral treatment may be recommended.

  • Animals can be injected more than once if needed.

    Spryng™ may last for an extended period in the joint and produce a lasting effect.

  • The most common joints for the use of Spryng™ in dogs or horses are the stifle, hock, fetlock, coffin, and shoulder. Other joints such as tails have been treated with no known adverse effects.

  • For optimal results, Spryng™ is recommended for animals 6 months of age or older.

  • No, when properly injected Spryng™ stays safely in the synovial space or capsule.

  • A veterinary medical device is defined by the FDA as a product that provides function without pharmacological, chemical, or metabolic action. Devices do not have a product infill but have an Instructions for Use (IFU) as a technical guide. Spryng™ is not a drug.

  • As a veterinary medical device, Spryng™ does not achieve its principal intended purposes through pharmacological, chemical, or metabolic action. Spryng™ has been used with other products commonly used for osteoarthritis and lameness in canines and horses without known adverse effects. While Spryng™ is a primary tool for managing osteoarthritis, it is one of many excellent tools that should be used in a multi-modal approach.

  • Though Spryng™ is made from protein materials, processing of the product renders it inert to the immune system of the treated animal.

  • Spryng Injections are only available in the United State and its Territories.

  • Visit the Spryng Website or contact PetVivo Cares: Contact Page

  • Spryng™ has been initially used in over 800 animals (dogs, horses, rabbits, cats). We are currently involved in several studies on the product looking at efficacy at this time. As these studies are completed and published, PetVivo will provide details on the Spryng website. The studies are being conducted at a major university, by reputable private research organizations, and with key opinion leaders.

  • Yes, the product has been used in over 800 animals and continues to be used at an ever-increasing level. There have been many positive case reports in animals suffering from osteoarthritis and other joint afflictions. See equine case studies and small animal case studies.

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