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Meet Jasper!

Learn the inspiring story of Jasper, an 11-year-old Rottweiler-Shepherd mix, and his journey to overcome chronic pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis. With the help of veterinary care and innovative treatments, Jasper is back to playing and living a happy, pain-free life. Read on to be inspired!


Despite facing persistent lameness in his thoracic limbs, Jasper's owners never gave up hope for a better life. He was in pain, struggling to balance, and unable to perform even the simplest tasks without discomfort.

Jasper is an eleven year old Rottweiler-Shepherd Mix. He is 68 lbs and is tan in color with white eyebrows, black tips on his ears, and has what looks like a smile on his face. Jasper is wearing a black harness that goes around his chest, neck, and back. He is standing on a soft padded mat on the floor in a room with the door closed.
Jasper getting ready for his treatment!

But Jasper's luck changed when he met veterinarian Marie Bartling, DVM. Dr. Bartling conducted a thorough examination and discovered that Jasper was suffering from moderate chronic inflammation in his shoulders and elbow and severe stifle arthritis. X-rays and ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis, and Dr. Bartling sprang into action.

First, Jasper was given medications, including an NMDA receptor blockage, to reset his pain system. This helped him to relax and be touched more easily, but he was still limping. That's when Dr. Bartling turned to physical medicine, performing short anesthesia and administering shockwave therapy to relieve Jasper's shoulders, back, and hips spasms. In addition, Jasper received injections of Spryng in his shoulders, hips, elbows, and stifle, which provided him with much-needed cushioning.

The results were almost instantaneous!

Jasper is an eleven year old Rottweiler-Shepherd Mix. He is 68 lbs and is tan in color with white eyebrows, black tips on his ears, and has what looks like a smile on his face. Jasper is running down the beach in the middle of the day. There are no people on the beach and he is running towards the camera.
Jasper Running down the beach shortly after his treatment!

Within a week, Jasper was no longer limping; within a month, he was down to just one medication and a joint supplement. Jasper's activity level skyrocketed, and he was back to being the playful, fearless dog he was as a youngster. He even allowed a nail trim without difficulties, something he had been avoiding for years.

Jasper's injections are expected to provide relief for at least a year, and Dr. Bartling is optimistic about his future. After fighting arthritis and tendonitis for his entire life, Jasper can finally live the comfortable and active life he deserves.

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Want the technical info? Read Below!


  • Persistent lameness with mild head-bob alternating in the thoracic limbs 3/5.

  • Painful with flexibility testing of shoulder muscles and with range of motion of elbows.

  • Stiff in the range of motion of his hips and lumbar spine.

  • Unable to balance with strength to perform a three-legged stand on any leg.

  • Veterinary pain score based on the CSU chronic pain scale was 2/4.

  • CBPI from home evaluation was 7/10 for pain score and 7/10 for affecting his mobility.

  • Visibly observed significant challenges getting up and laying down comfortably in the exam room.


  • Shoulder, elbow, hip, stifle and spine x-rays

  • Shoulder US


  • Moderate chronic inflammation of the supraspinatus and biceps tendons - both shoulders

  • Moderate shoulder arthritis, elbow arthritis and hip arthritis

  • Severe stifle arthritis



  • First, we used medications, including NMDA receptor blockage, to reset the pain system. This helped tremendously with his ability to relax and to be touched, but he was still limping.


  • Short anesthesia.

  • Shockwave to relieve spasm for his shoulders, back, and hips and to treat his shoulder tendonopathy.

  • Injection of Spryng™ 2ml per shoulder, hip and elbow, 1ml per stifle.


  • Within a week from his office visit, Jasper was no longer limping.

  • Within a month, he was down to only one medication and a joint supplement.

  • His activity increased, playing — not being fearful — back to the dog he was as a youngster.

  • He even allowed a nail trim with ease for the first time in years.

  • Jasper has been doing this well for 90 days, we expect his injections to provide some cushion for a year or more!

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