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Why Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology is the right choice:


with rapid results

Whiet line illustration of a bullseye and a syringe pointing towards the middle.


Address the affliction not just the symptom— helps to restore proper joint mechanics

White line drawing of a shield with arrows pointing up and down.


Long duration
of joint protection

White line drawing of a calander and a checkmark

When injected into an affected joint, Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology creates a shock-absorbing matrix that works with synovial fluid to mimic the protective form and function of natural, healthy joint cartilage.

color illustration of a joint. on the left side of the illustration it depiects joint pain and inflamation in progressive degenteration of the joint. there are red arrows to indicate pain. On the right side thesenovial fluid area has been treated with Spryng with OsteoCushion Technology.

Untreated Joint

Chronic joint pain, inflammation and progressive degeneration

Joint injected with Spryng™


OsteoCushion™ Technology

The Science

The science behind Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology

Spryng™ particles are composed of purified, naturally-derived proteins (collagen and elastin) and one carbohydrate that, when injected, form an inert, soft, lubricious, and elastic cushion.

black cirle with small white spounge like particles

PetVivo Technology

Help pets bounce back from lameness and joint issues with a single injection of Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology.

Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology is an innovative intra-articular injectable veterinary medical device that is designed to prevent the occurrence and re-occurrence of joint pain from the loss of cartilage or tissue-bone mechanical malfunction by augmenting and reinforcing cartilage to assist in the normalization of joint function.

Spryng™ is only available for use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

Spryng™ is innovative. No other products compare to the naturally derived, distinctive qualities of Spryng™.

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