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Our Mission

Petvivo Cares is a nonprofit community-focused organization dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of companion animals.

We partner with the animal health community to provide reduced-cost or no-cost products. PetVivo uses Spryng™ with Osteo-Cushion Technology as an effective tool to aid in the management of osteoarthritis, lameness,  and rehabilitation of companion animals. 

Our vision is to bring an improved quality of life and well-being to all companion animals regardless of their owners' financial situation.

the PetVivo Cares story

 PetVivo Cares is a non-profit organization that helps pets who are suffering from pain and lameness in their joints. Because we understand the important role animal companions play in your life we are providing Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology to help your beloved animals live their best lives! To date, PetVivo has helped over 800 animals. 

So, who is PetVivo? PetVivo is a veterinary biotech and biomedical device company primarily engaged in the business of translating or adapting human biotech and medical technology into products for commercial sale in the veterinary market to help companion animals such as dogs and horses suffering from arthritis and other afflictions. PetVivo is driven by a team of animal health and medical device industry leaders focused on bringing our vision of ground-breaking innovation to life. We are the inventors of Spryng™.

We know that there are many people out there who may not have the resources or financial means to help their animals live longer and happier lives. This is where PetVivo Cares comes in! We want everyone who has a pet with osteoarthritis or other joint afflictions to be able to get the care they need—and we want them to do it at an affordable price because we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from this technology!

This is a white contour line drawing of a horse, dog, and cat running.  It is a rendition of the PetVivo Holdings logo.

Investing in their future

So, how do we help?  Petvivo Cares is dedicated to helping pets live longer, healthier lives through a unique approach to companion animal health care. We know that while every pet owner and animal care professional wants the best for animals in their lives it isn't always a financial possibility. That's why PetVivo Cares created the Spryng Grant program. Through the Spryng Grant, animals in financial need can receive Spryng treatments at a reduced cost - or, no cost at all. 

Petvivo's technology is so important because it helps not only pets but, very skilled service animals who are integral to the lives and safety of their owners! Our most recent recipient of Spryng™ was one of the most loved animals at a public Zoo - a tiger!

A single injection of Spryng™ can help your pet bounce back, provides both immediate joint protection and helps protect the joint from further injury -- unlike other products that only treat symptoms (NSAIDs, corticosteroids, monoclonal antibodies, radiation, etc.). This means animals feel better and you get more time with them!

  • Many animals injected with Spryng™ no longer needed NSAIDs for pain relief and were able to return to normal activity levels following a Spryng™ injection.

  • Offers moderation of joint pain without pharmacologic, chemical, or metabolic action.

  • An effective and economical solution — a single injection provides long-duration joint protection.

Spryng™ has been initially used in over 800 animals (dogs, horses, cats, rabbits). An independent safety study, performed by a reputable equine organization, demonstrated product safety following the injection of the product in over 70 joints in more than 20 horses. Additional efficacy studies are in progress with a nationally recognized university and a renowned private clinical study institution.

PetVivo Cares

about your companion

If an animal you know could benefit from Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology

we might be able to help - take some time to fill out our online questionnaire!


We’re driven by a team of animal health and medical device industry leaders focused on bringing our vision of ground-breaking innovation to life.

CEO, President & Director,

PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

Chief Financial Officer,

PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

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PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

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PetVivo Cares, Inc.

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