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Unleashing the Joy of Golden Years: Joey's and Judd's Incredible Journey with Spryng

Joey's success story is a beacon of hope for pet owners, veterinary professionals, and all those who champion the cause of animal welfare.

In the heartwarming tale of a 15-year-old Schnoodle named Joey and his devoted owner, renowned dog trainer Judd Spodek, we find inspiration, hope, and the sheer magic that the proper treatment can bring to our furry companions' lives. Joey's and Judd's remarkable journey not only showcases the resilience of senior dogs but also underscores the transformative potential of Spryng™, an innovative solution that's rewriting the script for aging pets.

a senior black schnoodle sitting in his dog bed looking at the camera

Embracing the Golden Years with Gusto Joey's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. At 15 and a half years old, he's seen it all – from youthful exuberance to the inevitable challenges that come with age. A torn ACL, a rear right TPLO surgery, and a victorious recovery were just chapters in Joey's adventurous life. But as time passed, osteoarthritis cast a shadow over him, threatening to take away his mobility, his joy, and the essence of who he was.

A Glimpse of Desperation and a Ray of Hope For his devoted family, seeing Joey struggle was a heart-wrenching experience. Despite their best efforts, his mobility was compromised, and even simple movements became challenging. Desperate for a solution, they turned to their veterinarian, Dr. Diane Levitan, for guidance.

Filled with compassion and determination, Dr. Levitan introduced Joey's family to a novel approach – an injection into Joey's knee joint with Spryng™. They embarked on an unexpected journey with this new hope on the horizon.

Within days of receiving the Spryng™ injection, the unimaginable happened. Joey, who had struggled to stand and walk, was not just getting on his feet again; he was reveling in his newfound mobility. The change was nothing short of miraculous. Joey's family witnessed physical progress and a revival of his spirit with every step he took.

"Within days of the injection, we truly could not believe what we were seeing. Joey was not only getting up on his own and walking around, but within a week or so afterward he was back on the trails, slowly walking around and enjoying the great outdoors once again. We were amazed, even in tears, as we could not believe that we had our dog back and that was at 14 years of age at that time too! " - Judd Spodek, Sit Happens

Rewriting the Story of Senior Pets

Joey's tale is more than just a story; it's a testament to the incredible strides that Spryng™ can bring to our senior pets' lives. The solution isn't just about treating symptoms; it's about granting senior animals a new lease on life. By targeting joint health and mobility, Spryng™ opens doors once thought closed, turning the twilight years into a golden era of vitality and happiness.

a senior black schnoodle sitting on the carpet with a happy tongue hanging out looking at the camera

Preventing a Heartbreaking Goodbye

Joey's journey underscores a critical point: End-of-life decisions should never be the sole choice for senior pets struggling with mobility issues. Spryng™ is rewriting this narrative by providing a lifeline to pets like Joey, allowing them to thrive in their later years. The simple yet powerful intervention enhances their quality of life and renews the bonds between pets and their families.

Guiding the Transformation

Central to this incredible journey is Judd Spodek ( ), a revered and well-known dog trainer. Judd's expertise in understanding pets' needs, especially seniors like Joey, played a crucial role in Joey's remarkable transformation. His commitment to animal well-being and his collaboration with Dr. Levitan ( ) genuinely showcase the power of a dedicated and knowledgeable team.

Joey's and Judd's success story is a beacon of hope for pet owners, veterinary professionals, and all those who champion the cause of animal welfare. As we celebrate their rekindled joy and vitality, we also celebrate Spryng™'s potential for every senior pet.

Let's continue to share these tales of transformation, inspiring one another to provide our furry friends with the golden years they deserve. Joey's and Judd's journey reminds us that age is just a number, and with the proper care and treatment, our pets can continue to shine bright, even in their senior years.


If you are a pet owner, a veterinarian, or someone who cares about the well-being of animals, we encourage you to support PetVivo Cares and its mission. By spreading the word about the Spryng Grant and the benefits of Spryng™, you can help more dogs like Joey, who deserve a happy and pain-free life.

Do you have a senior pet who could benefit from Spryng™?


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